We have selected some resources for educators and families to share on this page. 

Grants for STEM Programs


National Science Teachers Association - Grants, awards, fellowships, and competitions


Check out Fund for Teachers Grants, and the Rural Trust's Global Teacher Fellowship Program.


If you need money to fund STEM research or research on STEM education check out


Another creative way to fundraise is to pitch an idea through crowdfunding sites. They charge a small percentage of the funds you raise, but it's worth a try. One of my favorite places for teachers to ask for money for great ideas is Donors Choose and Community Funded

If your students create a product, they can sell it at Ed.

For Students and Families

Resources for the Entire Family


Great STEM Related Movies:

  • Dream Big 3D
  • Hidden Figures
  • The Martian
  • Landfill Harmonic Documentary Film
  • Underwater Dreams 
  • Scroll down to watch the videos below 

Cool STEM Videos

Water Harvesting Billboard in Perú

Landfill Harmonic Documentary Film


A Documentary on the Maker Movement


Easton LaChapelle's Robotic Hand


Spare Parts- Based on the Documentary "Underwater Dreams"

Easton LaChapelle
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