"This workshop was very productive from beginning to end, with little or no time to spare." - High School Teacher
"This workshop was very productive from beginning to end, with little or no time to spare." - High School Teacher

Program Development

Formal K-12 spaces

Some districts are fortunate enought to have STEM Coordinators or STEM Directors, but the majority do not have such luxury. We want to help districts who need additional support to develop any aspect of their STEM program.


The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) provide an excellent venue for the integration of science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts across content areas and science disciplines, and core ideas all students need to master by the end of high school. For more information, please visit NGSS. If your state has adopted NGSS, or your local district is interested in adopting them, we can help facilitate workshops for teachers and district leaders. Please visit our Professional Development page.

Informal Learning Spaces

Whether it is in-school time, or out of school time, informal education partners are essential in advancing STEM education. The flexibility of out of school time provides a great opportunity for the creation of integrated STEM programs. We can help your organization develop programs or an educational agenday to advance STEM skills necessary for students to thrive in this innovation economy. 


Educator Workshops

Equity and Inclusion Workshops

Educators at all levels are the leaders for transformational change. Understanding equity issues in STEM Classrooms is essential to create inclusive learning spaces for our students. We offer workshops for individuals, departments, colleges, primary, secondary schools and workplace environments. Workshops focus on a wide range of equity and diversity issues and we take local context into consideration when planning.


Curriculum Workshops

Teachers are the leaders for transformational change. We provide services to help your teams make sense of multiple standards by integrating using crosscutting concepts for depth in exporation and mastery of essential ideas.  Most STEM curriculum development focuses on problem based learning or challenge based learning.


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Not sure where to start with implementation?

We can help your team develop an action plan, develop workshops specific to your needs, and adapt existing resources.


What Teachers Are Saying

"[Violeta] was amazing and knew exactly what she was doing. She was very prepared, clear on expectations, patient, friendly, knowledgable, and extremely helpful."
- High School Teacher


"This workshop was very productive from beginning to end, with little or no time to spare."
- High School Teacher


"[Violeta] was always present and paying attention to our discussion and offered support during decision-making moments while allowing us to walk through the process as a team. "
- Teacher


" Dr. Garcia was open to our teams coming through their thinking to the actual planning out of what we want to accomplish. our thoughts were welcomed our ideas accepted and never did anyone not appreciate another point of view. "
- Elementary Teacher


When asked about how the participants would rate this workshop compared to a workshop on a similar topic in the past:

" Amazing! Typically teachers are on stand-by to listen but not to be involved in a workshop. This was different; I feel the teachers led the workshop, were respected, and useful. "
- Elementary Teacher


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