We inspire people to learn in creative ways


We build long-standing and trustful relationships with our clients based on methods to enhance their performance by providing tools to build capacity for teams to reach their full potential. 


The use of design thinking allows us to put to practice an iterative approach to find common solutions and to utilize the knowledge and experience between us and our clients leading to the success of our consulting projects.

Featured Resouce: This Is What STEM Looks Like! 

How do we get and keep girls in STEM? 

The Women's Foundation of Colorado created "This Is What STEM Looks Like!" to introduce parents, caregivers, and educators to the many opportunities that STEM can provide for girls and women. In this guide authored by Dr. Garcia, you’ll find resources to help girls explore those opportunities and tools to inspire, motivate, and prepare young women, including young women of color, to thrive in STEM careers.​ Download your free copy today! 

Featured Program: Latinitas in STEM-Denver

Latinitas in STEM-Denver is a multi-pronged effort to build awareness, motivation, preparation, and persistence in Latina middle school youth in Denver. Thirty middle school girls in Denver take part in a three-day event in September where they visit at least three STEM companies in Denver and map out a plan to enter a career in STEM and design. This year's program is open to students in Denver Public Schools. Contact us for more information. 


We explore research-based, approaches to solve problems. 


We provide technical assistance for new and emerging STEM initiatives.


Through engaging and reflective approaches, we inspire learners to reach their full potential

About US

At STEM Learning by Design, we

  • leverage the power of integrated learning to design engaging content.​
  • inspire and equip learners of varying ages to become lifelong learners. 
  • believe diversity adds unique perspectives which enhance the performance of teams. 
  • design learning experiences that are customized for users to access anywhere, anytime so they can reach their full potential. 





"This program made my daughter so excited about STEM! She is ready to intern and pursue a career."              - Parent, Latinitas in STEM

“I really loved the balance of the RET program between discovering new ideas and working them into my practice. I left almost every PD Friday thinking that it was one of the best science PDs I had been to.” - Teacher, Research Experience for Teachers, The Bioscience Institute

"This workshop was one of the most engaging workshops. I can't believe that it took me this long to create a roadmap for my entire year!"             -1st Grade Teacher, Curriculum Workshop

Aprende Ciencias con El Chavo Learn Science with El Chavo
Strategy and Technical Assistance
Research Experience for Teachers The BioScience Institute- RET
Latinitas in STEM: Denver Middle School Girls
RAFT on Wheels
ALAS- Exploring STEM with Families
Dual Immersion STEM Programs- Coming Soon!

STEM Learning By Design

STEM Learning By Design is an independently owned consulting firm focused on helping organizations redefine and reimagine learning opportunities. 



STEM Learning by Design seeks to transform education and learning through thoughtful, engaging approaches that engage people to become agents of their own education. All learning experiences are designed to be inclusive of groups historically underrepresented to ensure that every person is equipped with the tools necessary to thrive in an innovation economy.



People are engaged in learning at every stage of life. 


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